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education world

Study Abroad Consultancy

EDU Grup was founded in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey, and launched its first branch in Europe in 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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EDU Çeviri, Turkish Tranlation Office and
Transistent is a member of EDU Language Group.

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Edu �eviri

Machine Translation and Quality Automation Services

Translation Services

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About Us

With 5 different business lines in its body, EDU Grup is a professional consultancy company which provides Studying Abroad Consultancy Services, Translation Services, Information Technologies, E-Advertisement Solutions and Printing & Distribution Services.

EDU Grup was founded in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey, and launched its first branch in Europe in 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

At the center point of our whole structure, and the central focus of every service that we provide and the values that we represent, are our customers. Every component is prepared, developed and supplied according to customer needs. All the developments and innovations are carried out synchronously, in line with the expectations and the requests of our customers.

Quality Certificates

ISO 17100
EDU Çeviri becomes the first institution to receive ISO 17100 certification from the Turkish Standards Institute. This certification provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications.

EN 15038
After a series of extensive inspections, EDU Translation proved its compatibility with the EN 15038 Standard as from April, 2011, and is now entitled to receive the EN 15038 Standard, an honor that has been bestowed upon very few translation companies in Turkey.

European Standard EN 15038, a globally approved standard for translation service requirements and the only recognized standard by the European Union, primarily stipulates the acquisition of an ISO 9001 compliance certificate for those translation companies that wish to apply for the standard. EN 15038 sets forth a series of requirements regarding the production process and the quality of the translation service, and the relationship between the translation service provider and the client, and is globally known as the safest and the most accepted way of certifying the translation services of a translation company and the responsibility the company undertakes regarding customer relations.

As EDU Translation, we are happy that the translation service we have been providing for many years has been crowned with such a prestigious certificate and we hereby promise once more, officially, that we will never make concessions for the standard we provide in our quality of service.

ISO 9001
EDU Translation, as of March, 2011, became entitled to receive an ISO 9001 compliance certificate. ISO 9001, which defines the requirements and procedures that must be applied during the installation of a company's quality management systems, is a quality assurance system that is inspected and certified by TSE in Turkey.

ISO 9001 sets forth various requirements on a wide range of issues from quality management systems for companies to customer orientation, production and service processes, human resources, and planning, and is known as the most widely accepted standard in today's business world, where customer satisfaction is given particular importance.

As a company who takes customer satisfaction as principle, we are proud to have certified the responsibility of the quality of service we undertake for you with ISO 9001.

ISO 17100 EN 15038 ISO 9001
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Branch Office - Germany
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